What Retouching is included?

We all see final images published which can help us select one photographer over another based on style or skill levels but there are a few steps to go from shoot day to those final images.  Prior to edit/retouch, we provide a proofing gallery online or in person for clients to determine their favorites photos based on pose and facial expression.  Often, it can be difficult to imagine how the final images will look when seeing the "straight out of camera" proofs.  Retouching is the next step. 

Cameras can reveal things that you normally don't see when looking at a person.  Think about this: when you are talking with a friend, you don't focus on every little blemish or every hair out of place because each of you are moving, living, communicating - you focus on the person as a whole.  But a photo can bring your eye straight to the smallest thing as if it were larger than life.  Today's digital cameras and technology can do this in a way film cameras never did.  Remember the first time you watched the local news channel broadcasting in high definition?  Well, today's cameras can do the same - leaving nothing to the imagination!  

As professional photographers, we use the editing stage to take those 'straight out of camera' images and turn them into a photo the client will be proud to show everyone!

Professional retouching is included with each personal photo session:

  • Blemish Removal - these are temporary things on everyone's skin, they aren't 'who we are'
  • Basic Skin Adjustments - skin coloration can vary depending on the time of day, season of the year, and lighting conditions; we don't change who you are but we make those temporary changes a bit easier of a transition in some cases
  • Tonal Enhancements - adjusting the overall image to maximize the subject (you!)
  • Cropping - while most cropping is done prior to proofing, further cropping to improve composition may be needed

Here are a few examples.  Simply move the slider in the middle of the image back and forth to see the difference. 

if you can't see the sliders on the below images try reloading the page - you can also check out this Before & After page with static images for additional examples

What else comes with your Personal Photo Session?  

For a complete list check out our Pricing info here. Please don't hesitate to contact us to get all your questions answered!

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